Lions Den pre Killie match 11/08/18


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Lions Den pre Killie match 11/08/18

Post by livikev on Sat Aug 11, 2018 5:48 pm

Football aside - pre match in the Lions Den was disgraceful - The so called Livi fan who started the fight with the Killie fan should be totally embarrassed.
In his pursuit of attacking the Killie fan he pushed over my 83yr old Father in Law, who relies on a crutch for balance and walking.
I hope his friends have a grain of decency between them and name and shame this cretin for what he is. He should be banned for life.
We have been attending games since 1995, this is the first time i have been embarrassed to say i'm a livingston fan.

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Re: Lions Den pre Killie match 11/08/18

Post by Liviforever on Sat Aug 11, 2018 11:53 pm

Sorry to hear about that Kev, hope your father in law is ok.

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