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Throw Ins


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Throw Ins Empty Throw Ins

Post by Liviforever on Fri Sep 07, 2018 4:41 pm

Liverpool have employed a throw in coach, seems there is a lot more to throw ins than just chucking the ball onto the pitch.

This bit interests me:
Gronnemark teaches three types of throw-in - the long throw-in, the fast throw-in - which can launch counter-attacks - and the clever throw-in, which is about keeping possession under pressure.
"I focus on everything you can imagine," adds Gronnemark, a former international sprinter who was in the Danish athletics and bobsleigh teams. "It is not just the technique of the throw, but how to receive it, how to make the right runs, the positioning, creating space."

Always bugs me when we have the throw in and we lose possession from it, makes sense to have players coached in this, it isn't really any different from practicing free kicks.

Wonder if anyone has measured Lithgow's long throws, i'd be interested in knowing how far off he is of the world record.
Bertie Bassett
Bertie Bassett

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Throw Ins Empty Re: Throw Ins

Post by Bertie Bassett on Fri Sep 07, 2018 11:21 pm

We rarely lose possession from them these days though. Much better than we used to be. Even the long throws which can be defended get us into the mixer.

But I agree in principle

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