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Dolly Menga


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Dolly Menga Empty Dolly Menga

Post by Liviforever on Thu Oct 04, 2018 2:56 pm

Interesting article about him in the DR.

Sounds similar to Snoddy when he was younger, great talent but poor discipline and attitude. Hopefully he's sorted himself out now and will make his break at Livi, we're a good team for players to get a second chance at anyway. Can't see Dolly getting away with being lazy in training though, we're built on hard work and good team work, nobody is a slacker in the team as far as I can see, it just wouldn't work.

First impressions he looked a bit headless chicken running about and doing well getting on the ball but showing a lack of composure in front of goal and his decision making was also poor. But if his goal is an indication of him working on his finishing and composure then we're in for one hell of a season with him up front. He could be a superb signing if he keeps that kind of improvement going.

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Dolly Menga Empty Re: Dolly Menga

Post by orco on Fri Oct 05, 2018 12:31 am

I hope he finds his way with us. He looks the part and has the skills but needs to work on his decision making. As for his discipline and attitude, I get the feeling Gary Holt may be a decent man manager which he may benefit from.

As for being continually late it may be he has ADHD. One of the traits is constant poor time keeping. People with the condition find it really hard to manage time.

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Dolly Menga Empty Re: Dolly Menga

Post by Durnford on Fri Oct 05, 2018 8:45 am

He signed for Lierse when he was just 19 I believe

Can't comment on how he was then but now 25; I know I'd changed a lot between those two ages. Apparently he was seen in the centre a week ago with his partner and although they both appeared to be speaking French (or possibly Dutch) there seemed to be no doubt who managed who (and it wasn't Dolly). Embarassed

Everything else aside I think its pretty evident how much that goal on Saturday meant to him. He'll be guaranteed of plenty more chances in this league with this team. With Motherwell and Dundee coming up he's got an excellent chance to increase his tally.

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Dolly Menga Empty Re: Dolly Menga

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