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Strict Liability


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Strict Liability Empty Strict Liability

Post by Liviforever on Wed Mar 27, 2019 3:43 pm

The BBC had a survey on this and only 3 SPFL clubs are in favour of it, 17 against, 14 unwilling to comment and 8 didn't reply (Livi being one of them).

Turkeys voting for xmas springs to mind, I think part of that is because they don't want to risk The Rangers and Celtic away crowds not coming to their stadiums, I get that vibe from our lot anyway, the last game at Livi they were given free rein to take over pre match and sing their bigoted songs in our stadium bar, as well as inside the ground during the game, we seem fine with turning a blind eye/deaf ear when it brings in a hefty financial gain.

The other part will be not wanting to vote for something that could also hit them with a penalty, but if no other option is put forward then strict liability should be put in force. And if the clubs aren't going to back it then it should be taken out of their hands, it may well come to that in the end with Govt pressure, or indeed the Govt stepping in and enforcing it onto the clubs.

One thing is for sure, change wont come itself, this behaviour at football has gone on for decades, it is time for action, not words, saying something has to be done but we don't know what, just isn't good enough.

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