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Signed Hoppy Tops Empty Signed Hoppy Tops

Post by Velocityracing on Wed May 16, 2018 9:13 pm

Thanks to the generosity of the staff and players at Livingston FC Velocity Racing are now in possession of the Hoppy Tops as modelled by the playing squad during the warm up prior to the 2nd leg of last Friday night’s Play Off semi final against Dundee United.

The tops are numbered and signed on Hoppy’s image by the relevant players

The shirts are all either medium or large in size

As you know our aim is to raise funds to go and compete in the F1 for Schools World Finals in Singapore. To that end and with the clubs approval we are now offering you the fans the opportunity to own one of these tops.

Below is the list of players and their squad number

1.  Neil Alexander
2.  Jack McMillan
3.  Jackson Longridge
4.  Alan Lithgow
5.  Gregor Buchanan
6.  Shaun Byrne
7.  Josh Mullin
8.  Scott Pittman
11.  Nicky Cadden
14.  Keaghan Jacobs
17.  Scott Robinson
18.  Lee Miller
19.  Adam Frizzell
20.  Gary Maley
23.  Raffaele De Vita
24.  Jordan Thompson
26.  Craig Halkett
31.  Declan Gallagher

If you would like to own one of these tops please private message us with your bids on Facebook (link below) or email us at

Bidding starts immediately and will end at 12 noon on Monday 21 May 2018 by which time Livingston FC will hopefully be back in the top flight of Scottish Football.

We will contact the successful bidders and make arrangements to have your top delivered to you

Happy Bidding

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Signed Hoppy Tops Empty Re: Signed Hoppy Tops

Post by Durnford on Thu May 17, 2018 8:56 am

A quick personal note:

I have known a couple of the people engaged in organising this and confirm this entirely genuine. These individuals have been dedicated Livi supporters for probably the last 20 years; tirelessly following the club, home and away, throughout that time.

The work they're now doing will directly benefit kids in Livingston and the Lothians; not only for those that are taking part but also for their class mates; proving that you are not restricted by where you are born, or who you are, to what you can achieve.

As a whole and I can only applaud this initiative and the hard work being put in by those involved.

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Signed Hoppy Tops Empty Re: Signed Hoppy Tops

Post by Velocityracing on Sun May 20, 2018 8:16 pm

Hoppy tops update‬

‪1 Alexander £50‬
‪2 McMillan £5‬
‪3 Longridge £20‬
‪4 Lithgow £25‬
‪5 Buchanan £5
‪6 Byrne £12‬
‪7 Mullin £15‬
‪8 Pittman £30‬
‪11 Cadden £9‬
‪14 Jacobs £32
‪17 Robinson £20
‪18 Miller £30‬
‪19 Frizzell £30
‪20 Maley £20‬
‪23 De Vita £30‬
‪24 Thompson £20
‪26 Halkett £50‬
‪31 Gallagher £35

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Signed Hoppy Tops Empty Re: Signed Hoppy Tops

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