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Dundee Utd v Livi


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Dundee Utd v Livi - Page 2 Empty Re: Dundee Utd v Livi

Post by Durnford on Mon Apr 30, 2018 10:29 am

Liviforever wrote:I doubt we're leading anyone into a false sense of security Troy, we weren't going into it full pelt and treated it like a pre season/play offs game. Even if we'd won it would meant absolutely nothing when/if we met Utd again in the play offs. Nobody likes losing but this game had as much to do with keeping the players ticking over and njury free as anything else. If we'd went in full bloodied and had an important player sent off by Aitken, or someone like Hardie injured would you have been happy then, nope, it wasn't worth it, and the players knew that. They'll be well up for it on the 7th of May and hopefully Utd or Dunfermline will have suffered from having to play 2 play offs games before playing us.

Tend to agree; although not exactly threadbare we don't have a huge squad and an injury or suspension to a player could have been costly.

Kind of mystified though why we chose to turn out a pretty much full squad for this one yet a makeshift one for ICT. I would have though a stronger side against ICT would have shown that we meant business, and probably sneaked a win from what wasn't an overly impressive ICT side, and still given us a chance to overcome any niggling injuries of suspensions.

Playing an almost full side against Dundee United was a bit risky, I appreciate the club wanted to show their appreciation to the fans, but was it a risk worth taking. How costly would losing Gallagher for two matches or Byrne or Lithgow for example?

In hindsight it probably worked out; we had a run out and we probably learnt a lot more about United than they did about us.

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Dundee Utd v Livi - Page 2 Empty Re: Dundee Utd v Livi

Post by Liviforever on Mon Apr 30, 2018 12:25 pm

Makes sense to me why Hoppy chose to rotate the squad the way he did, had we played most of our players on Tues and rested them on Sat it would've been a fortnight between games for them, and they may have been a bit rusty going into the play offs.

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