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Player Of The Season So Far

Bertie Bassett
Bertie Bassett

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Player Of The Season So Far Empty Player Of The Season So Far

Post by Bertie Bassett on Tue Dec 11, 2018 4:56 pm

As I type this (ahead of the away game in Aberdeen) we are 3 games away from the half way point of the season (taking the 19th game as the half way point given it’s a 38 game season rather than the 22nd game by which time we should have played everyone twice).

We have had a tremendous season so far, I would guess even surpassing Liviforever’s pre-season expectations at this stage.

So who has been your player of the season so far? Has anyone disappointed you? Has anyone specifically exceeded your expectations?

I’ll kick us off....

Nobody has disappointed me.

Liam Kelly has exceeded my expectations as he has proven to be an excellent replacement for Neil Alexander. I hoped he had improved from his first term with us and he undoubtedly has but his improvement is vastly more than I expected. Excellent piece of business bringing him back.

As for player of the season so far - The whole team has been largely excellent for most of the season but if I have to single someone out then I would have to go with Keaghan Jacobs. Our defensive triumvirate have been superb but Keaghan looks like he has been playing at this level for years & given that he was used sparingly last season, his consistency this season is exceptional.

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Player Of The Season So Far Empty Re: Player Of The Season So Far

Post by Liviforever on Tue Dec 11, 2018 5:19 pm

Gallagher making runs setting up our attacks has also been tremendous, his strength on the ball makes him difficult to play against when pressing forward.

Pittman is also fantastic as an attacking midfielder, he's brilliant in midfield anyway but when he gets himself forward he is a real goal threat, really wish he'd do that more often. Made all the difference against St Mirren.

Agree with you though Bertie, Kelly has been superb, I really feared for us when Alexander left. And Keaghan has really stepped up to the mark and looked Premiership quality, what an incredible Livingston playing career he's had, playing for us in every division.

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